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BCHclub Membership Name Cakeman(mpapec)
Name of Project business loan for cake making
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Repayment Agreement

Target At £3 I will bake 1 big cake and eat it. At £10 I will bake cupcakes and give them all to the investors.
Total Paid Back You will receive 10% more tokens than your £1 of BCH (you will get £1.10 work of tokens, that only hold value to the recipient as per this agreement).
Re-Payment Plan Over a 5 day period I will buy back 20% of the total given out for the exact same amount of BCH every day.

Unless a token holder is away or delayed, in which case I will buy them back when the token holder is available.

Project Plan <insert url of uploaded pdf>
Full Repayment Due dd-mm-year
Essential Criteria Cake investors need Coloured Coins for receipt of tokens.

<can be anything added here, tokens are not essential, depends upon the agreement>

Fund/Escrow Address

Fund Address bitcoincash:pz60pgelk2kwj40d83mk38rgua9g02lvesasndpfxd

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